One Piece Stampede Original Soundtrack

Song List :
01. The Beginning of the Worst Ambition
02. Pirate Fest Theme
03. Opening of the Pirate Fest!
04. Entrance of Baggy
05. We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~
06. Supernovas ~Rookies’ Entrance~
08. Luffy’s Decision!
09. Fight Against the Unforgivable! 〜STAMPEDE Ver.〜
10. Start of the fight ~Men’s Competition~
11. Peaceful Stress
12. Crisis Premonition
13. Baggy is Bragging
14. Collapse of the Crisis
15. Bullet’s Entry ~Peaceful Fear~
16. Uncertain Disruptions
17. Bullet VS Supernovas
18. Bullet Overwhelming Strength
19. Luffy’s Seriousness
20. Everyone’s Struggle
21. Bullet’s Claim
22. Zoro VS Fujitora
23. Shichibukai ~Entry of Incredible People~
24. Crushing Force of Bullet ~2nd form~
25. Usopp’s Seriousness
26. The Festa Ploy
27. Sudden Turnaround of the Crisis
28. The Beginning of Despair・Fear
29. Bullet’s Plot ~Strongest Bullet Beginning~
30. A Long-Standing Dream ~Finally Festa’s Ambition~
31. Garp’s Grief
32. memories 〜STAMPEDE Ver.〜
33. Opening Music of the Last Battle ~The Determination of the Navy~
34. Get Up, Luffy
35. Beginning of Cooperation
36. Beginning of the Fight 〜Joint Struggle 1〜
37. Luffy, the Trusted Man 〜Joint Struggle 2〜
38. We Go! We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~
39. Festa, The Broken One 〜The Success of Sabo〜
40. I’ll Be the King of Pirates! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~

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