Fate Soundtrack Collection

Albums List :

All around TYPE-MOON Drama CD
Fate Sound Remixes ‘fragments’
Fate Stay Tune Vol.1
Fate Stay Tune Vol.2
Fate-Recapture -original songs collection-
Fate-Unlimited Codes – Mata Ashita ne
Fate-another score -super remix tracks-
Fate-kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! Vol.4 Limited Edition Drama CD
Jyukai – Wild Flower
Saichi Tainaka – Dear

Character Image Songs
Character Image Song I – Saber [Kawasumi Ayako]
Character Image Song II – Tohsaka Rin [Ueda Kana]
Character Image Song III – Sakura Matoh [Shitaya Noriko]
Character Image Song IV – Illya [Kadowaki Mai]
Character Image Song V – Caster [Tanaka Atsuko]
Character Image Song VI – Ryder [Asakawa Yuu]
Character Image Song VII – Shiro Emiya [Sugiyama Noriaki]
Character Image Song VIII – Archer [Suwabe Junichi]
Character Song Special – Illya & Taiga [Miki Ito & Mai Kadowaki]

Fate Hollow Ataraxia
Fate-Hollow Ataraxia Original Soundtrack
[LonE] Fate-Hollow Ataraxia – Hollow – Number 201 feat.rhu

Fate Stay Night Assorted
Die Lorelei -shape 201-
Fate Stay Night Arrange Album – Avalon
Fate Stay Night Arrange Album – Iriya 51
Fate-Stay Night – EMIYA #0
Fate-Stay Night Image Album – Wish
Mariage -tribute to Fate-
ricordanza -Fate-stay night TV song collection-

Fate Stay Night Original Soundtracks
Fate-Stay Night Animation Original Soundtrack
Fate-Stay Night Original Sound Track
Fate-stay night PS2 Original Soundtrack
La Sola – Fate-stay night A.OST OUT TRACKS

Fate Stay Night Singles
Fate-Stay Night – This Illusion-Days
Fate-Stay Night ED Single – Anata ga Ita Mori [Jyukai]
Fate-Stay Night OP Single – Disillusion [Tainaka Sachi]
Fate-Stay Night OP2 Single – Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni [Tainaka Sachi]
Fate-stay Night Final ED Single – Kimi to no Ashita [Tainaka Sachi]
Fate-stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Main Theme Single – Voice Tadori Tsuku Basho [Tainaka Sachi]
Fate-stay Night reproduction OP Single – disillusion -2010- [Tainaka Sachi]
Fate-stay night PS2 OP Single – Ougon no Kagayaki [Number201 feat. MAKI]

Fate Tiger Colosseum
Fate Zero
Fate Zero Sound Drama -update edition- Zero no Koukei
Fate Zero Sound Drama Vol.1 – Secret Story of The Fourth Holy Grail
Fate Zero Sound Drama Vol.2 – The Orgy of Kings
Fate Zero Sound Drama Vol.3 – Those Dying
Fate Zero Sound Drama Vol.4 – The Flame of The Hell
Fate Zero Special Drama CD – Dreamy Lady
Fate Zero Special Drama CD – Eaton Tai (Appendix Comp Ace 2010.02)
Fate Zero Special Drama CD – The People who are not Mislead (Appendix Comp Ace 2009.02)
Fate-Zero Original Image Soundtrack -RETURN TO ZERO-

Fate Zero Anime
Fate-Zero Drama CD I
Fate-Zero ED – MEMORIA
Fate-Zero ED2 – Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau [Haruna Luna]
Fate-Zero Image Song Album – Prayer [Aoi Eir]
Fate-Zero OP1 – oath sign [LiSA]
Fate-Zero OP1 – oath sign [Limited Edition]
Fate-Zero OP2 – to the beginning [Kalafina]
Fate-Zero Original Soundtrack I

Download Fate Soundtrack Collection

[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.001 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.002 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.003 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.004 – 4.7 GB

[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.001 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.002 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.003 – 5.0 GB
[SoundFLAC] Fate Soundtrack Collection (FLAC) [E7ED3F30].zip.004 – 4.7 GB

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